Textil Artist, Berlin

Studio Visit to textil artist Georgina Espasa

Georgina Espasa es una artista nacida en Barcelona, licenciada en Bellas Artes por la Universidad de  Barcelona. Sus conocimientos sobre arte fueron también adquiridos en la Universidad de Paris (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs ) a través de una estancia de un año académico con una beca internacional. Desde su infancia mostró interés en […]

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Visual artist, Berlin

Interview with visual artist Victoria Alexandrova

Her current exhibition, Red Line is a collection of works in varying mediums united by the self-reflection of the artist. The self-portrait is a theme that’s often explored by VikaValker, and, although it’s usually prevalent in her photography, this time it stretches across her other works. Dark tones dominate the collection with contrasting glow deep […]

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Artist, Berlin

Studio visit to multidisciplinary artist Sara Ferrer

Cristina Benzi: How do you define yourself as an artist and how do you describe your work in general? SF: I am a multidisciplinary artist. I like to observe everything and listening to the people. From there it is created a two-way relationship between society and my person that helps me to understand why we […]

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Founder & Curator, Milan

Interview with the founder of Girlsinmuseum Camila Crescini

Camilla Crescini is the founder of @girlsinmuseums, an Instagram account hat collects photographs having as subjects women and girls in museums, galleries and cultural venues. The photographs are tracked through the use of the hashtag #girlsinmuseums, which now counts more than 9000 UGC, content generated by the users themselves. I have been fortunate to meet […]

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Photography, Berlin

Interview with photographer Konrad Langer

Cristina Benzi: I got to know you by your user Instagram account Konaction, probably many people did so. When did you start and what was your motivation? Konrad Langer: I started my Instagram account in August 2013. Back then I downloaded the app to stay in touch with friends, who used this app more often […]

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